Time Line for Old Montgomery

General Thomas S. Woodward purchases 10,000 acres of land near Bon Dieu Falls on Red River. He renames the settlement there Creola Bluffs.

Dr. Thomas O. Harrison and Phillip Bernstein survey and lay out the town plat and formally incorporate the settlement with the new name of Montgomery, in Winn Parish.

Grant Parish is formed by Act No. 82 of the Louisiana Legislature from land formerly located in Winn and Rapides Parishes. Montgomery becomes part of Grant Parish.

The Grant Parish Courthouse located in the Shackleford Store in Colfax burns, destroying all parish records. The original survey plat of “Old Montgomery” is lost. All that survives is a hand drawn map of the old town in a succession document recorded in the Clerk of Court’s office December 2nd, 1937. It contains no survey data.


  1. William Edenborn completes the Shreveport and Red River Valley Railroad to Montgomery and opens a depot on land owned by Judge Frank Machen.
  2. Red River begins cutting into town of “Old Montgomery”.
  3. The US Postal Service requires the Montgomery Post Office to be relocated to the railroad depot site.
  4. Judge Machen surveys a plat of the “Machen Addition” to the Town of Montgomery on property he owns by the depot.
  5.  The Montgomery Town Council votes to abandon the townsite of “Old Montgomery” and move the town to the site of the Machen Addition. The name of Machen is changed to Montgomery.

On September 14, 1937 Thomas N. Hosner came before the Town Council and stated, “All the streets in old Montgomery are dead end streets and growing up and are of no use to the Public.” He requested that all streets in Old Montgomery north of Main Street be formally abandoned by The Town Council. The Town Council granted his request. The streets abandoned were all of Brown and north Streets and those parts of Water, howard, and Wilder Streets lying north of Main Street.

On December 12, 2005 Joe Allen requested that the Town Council abandon Second, Third and Wilder Streets in “Old Montgomery”. The Town Council adopts Ordinances #112, 113, and 114. These ordinances vacated and abandoned Second, Third, and Wilder Streets.

Only two streets of the “Old Montgomery” are still maintained by the Town: Main Street and howard Street. Main Street is now called Old Jefferson Highway. Howard Street is the road to the Old Montgomery Cemetery. Three streets on the “Old Montgomery” plat have not been maintained by the town since approximately 1901 and still remain on the books. These are Fourth Street, Lemoine Street, and that part of Water Street lying south of Main Street.


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